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Let's stay on the right track!

In 2018 Eastern Europe Territory chose the verse:
“Now that we’re on the right track, let’s stay on it.”Philippians 3:16 THE MESSAGE
to encourage people to keep the momentum and move in the right direction. Through the year, I posted a weekly blog in six languages related to this call. 
I have selected 26 of the blogs and made them available in this booklet. The purpose is to make them available for personal reflection, or even better, for reflection in small groups for half a year. To share thoughts, faith and prayers in fellowship with others, is vital for your growth as a disciple of Jesus.

After each reflection, you will find questions for stimulation of the conversation. Please also listen to The holy spirit. Very often, the Spirit will reveal something that is worth sharing with the other members of the group.

To be a disciple, means to live like Christ in the world. It is important with fellowship with believers, but Jesus is every day sending us out to represent him also among those who do not believe.

Therefore, stay on the track and keep on moving!


Dare to be different
– be what you are!

A life of holiness

This material has been prepared for seminars on holiness and is meant as an introduction to the vast subject of holiness. When writing, I have had people with an active involvement in The Salvation Army in mind. However, as long as the readers are aware of this, I believe that the material will be interesting for all people longing for holiness.

As well as quoting great heroes of the faith, I have tried to share from my own journey with the Spirit – it is all about Him!

As with everything else in the Spiritual world – what is written will only be ‘letters’ if the Spirit does not bring them to life (1). It is my prayer that this will happen. Without the Spirit we are just like other men. With the Spirit, we are different. We should dare to be what we are in Christ.

May God bless you as we travel on this spiritual journey together! 
©Didache - NorwayISBN: 978-82-997436-5-5
Link: Dare to be different - a life of holiness

(1) He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; 
for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. 2 Cor 3:6


Ground-Breaking Spiritual Leadership

a brief study of 8 Biblical leaders
and the characteristics of their leadership

1. Common characteristics of spiritual leaders
2. Examples from the leadership-qualities of Moses
3. Examples from the leadership-qualities of Uzziah
4. Examples from the leadership-qualities of Paul
5. Examples from the leadership-qualities of Nehemiah
6. Examples from the leadership-qualities of Peter
7. Examples from the leadership-qualities of Joshua
8 Examples from the leadership-qualities of Esther
9. Examples from the leadership-qualities of David
Appendix 1 - Five levels of leadership
Appendix 2 - A Theological Reflection on Officership in TSA

© ‘Didache’, Norway 2019
ISBN 978-82-997436-9-3
Link: Ground-Breaking Spiritual Leadership

Lukewarm or Luke-warm?

How Luke kept his faith and I can keep mine

The discovery of the “skeleton” for this book goes back many years. I preached a sermon over the verse, which also forms the first chapter. In addition, the sermon had several of the other chapters as main points. After the meeting, a woman approached me and said “You should write a book about this!”

At that time, I worked as a Bible-teacher in a Salvation Army school for youth. Some of the young people knew Jesus Christ as their Saviour before they came to the one-year school-course – others found the faith during the year. Having seen the young people coming to the Lord, I very much wanted to have a book to put in their hand. The encouragement from this woman made me take the challenge.
© Didache, Norway First published 2008
Picture: ‘Strokkur’ – Iceland 1982
Published as E-bok (PDF) 2019
ISBN: 978-82-93720-05-8
Link: Lukewarm or Luke-warm?

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